Save & Share Your Concrete Quality Control Data in One Place

A Streamlined Process Following Professional Practices

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Invite your partners:

RMX producer and QC Lab

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Document and share reports instantly.

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Designed for you

Owners & Contractors

Real time monitoring of concrete QC data for your jobsites

QC Labs

Easier data management and reporting

Concrete producers

Real-time feedback on your concrete quality

Live monitoring of your jobsite.

No delays, 100% transparency.

Collaboratively record all of the QC data of the project in a single place.

QC information is never lost. 

Every change made to QC data is logged.

Fits the professional job processes of all the partners.

Easy report generation.

Invite your project partners (RMX producers, Quality Control Labs, etc...)

Empower your quality construction project management

"I'm very happy with this service and can't recommend it enough to all my peers! Keep it up!"

Martin Routhier, VD of Materials, West Quebec - SNC Lavallin

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"This application allows me to track my projects from start to finish and get the information I need in real-time! It has saved us time and money and will help revolutionize the industry!"

Shadi Abrado, Head of Division Expertise & Innovation - Groupe SCT

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